TheRules Kelvin-480x296

Here are the rules to The JaxyFinky Wiki Chat.

1. No bullying.

2. Cursing at others ( not to be confused with cursing for affect).

3. Racist jokes ( Just a hint of racism will get you banned).

4.Being disrespectful to others.

5. Spamming.

6. A chat mod abusing there power

7. Not being awesome ( very serious offence, Lol).

The punishments for such things.

1. 24 hour ban.

2. 2 hour ban.

3. Indefinite ban ( however long the Admin/ Chat Moderator feels it should be).

4. 5 hours.

5. 1 hour.

6. A stripping of your mod duties for 24 hours

7. 10 minutes.

You can contact the founder or a admin to lift your ban when it has been past the time duration.

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